I keep saying that the RNC really ought to hire bloggers to give them campaign advice

And one Chris Wysocki reinforces my point today with his post on the Democrats strategy of distraction

What’s the biggest problem facing America right now?

The Economy.

What’s everyone talking about?


And gay “marriage.” And now banning electronic devices in cars.

Reading that article I kept noticing the word “distracted” (driving) and it hit me. That’s it!. They’re distracting us.

It’s gotta be on purpose.

The only way Obama gets re-elected is if no one is talking about what dismal shape our economy is in. So he picks a fight with the Catholic Church. George Soros sends Politico and Media Matters out to fan the flames of gay “marriage.”

Go read it all. It is dead on target,at least I think so. Our eventual nominee  just needs to ignore the distractions the Dems and the media will throw out there at every turn. The Democrats cannot win on substance,or on the issues.they can only win by muddying the waters, and by using fear and smear tactics. So, ignore those, do not get distracted, stay on point. And do not give the Dems or the media any ammo to use. Yes,they will lie, but let them make up things. Voters will, in the end,care more about our sorry economy, than about Democrats making up things about the GOP nominee and contraceptives. They will also care more about Obama’s intrusion on religious liberty, and the other intrusions upon all our liberties that Obamacare will bring.

In short, we should not play their game. We should stick to playing ours. My only fear is that we,the GOP,will fail to stick to that game plan, or that our nominee will either be too timid,or too easily led into the weeds of Gay marriage, or contraception.

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