Your weekend linkfest Updated through the weekend

A little something for everyone, fun stuff, humor, babes, commentary, sports, politics, and so on. Just click the link to see what you might have missed

Uncoached: Got Wood?

Donald Douglas : Beware the Specter

The Feral  Irishman: Bad luck with women

Viral Footage: Maria Menounos bikini madness


That Mr. G Guy: guns are good

Wyatt Earp: You Know You are hot When

Holy Taco homemade weapons

Soylent Green: Mega WHAT?

The Next Round: FRIES!

Wirecutter: Bad Dog!

Hookers and Booze: The great police chase

Hell on Earth: One smokin’ Blonde

The Chive: Cat Scratch Fever

The Break: People are awesome

Bleacher Report: 50 biggest busts in sports history

Zions Trumpet: Valentines eye candy

Wyblog: compromise sucks!

Woodsterman: Look at those Gigantic…………..

Milton Wolf: If you ain’t down with Slim Jims and Diet Mountain Dew……….

Silverfiddle: Holy War!

Weasel Zippers: Babies newest cause of global warming

Alan Caruba: I have seen the enemy, and he is Green

Vodka Pundit: Jim DeMint is right

Verum Serum: Congrats to us

Troglopundit: I really miss Bret Favre

Theo: Really Cool pics!

The Right way: Nice Rides!

The Other McCain: The Most RAAAAACIST Vehicle Evah!

The Last Tradition: The Muslim Brotherhood sucks

H-2: Your History

Spread Eagle: Bacon!

Pat Austin: Swamp People is Back!

Sentry Journal: Is Santorum Inevitable?

Say Anything: Allen West is Da man!

Rio Norte: Boobs Gone Wild!

Reaganite Republican: Miss Sweden is not Blonde?

Randy: Rule 5 My way!

Radio Patriot: Pope Pompous

Jill: King Barack

Proof positive: Links galore

PJM: Mitt who?

POH: is that woman naked?

Pitsnipes Gripes: Ponder This

William Teach: What do a Naked Woman and an Airplane Have in Common?

Nice Deb: CPAC Videos Galore

Steve: The War on Coal

Michelle Malkin: The Dark truth about Magaret Sanger

Maggie: Palinmania Lives

Jake Finnegan: Anti-Sharia Babes!

Gateway Pundit: Obama’s Radical Gun Control Plans

Full Metal Patriot: Government Dependence Spikes

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Bad News for Newt!

Jamie Jeffords: Scarlett Fever!

Dustbury: Emma Watson’s Legs!

Doug Ross: Mexico is El Loco!

Conservative Hideout: Sunday Links!

Cold Fury: Do You Smell That?

Bob Belvedere: LUCY!

Blazing Cat Fur: Daniel Hannan Speech

An Old Broad: Saturday Must Reads!

Aleister: Selective Outrage Syndrome Alert!

Robert: War is Hell, PC is Worse!

Adrienne: No Way I am Linking Those Daley Gator Guys!

A View From The Beach: Amanda Righetti!

Kurt: What a Pansy!


Duane has an inter view with a Hollywood Conservative

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