A Rule 5 Round Up fit for Super Sunday!

Maggie has Kelly Brook, and lots of links too

RRR has BIKINIS by the bunches!

Guns AND Bikinis, kinda says it all

Knuckledraggin has Rule 5 Irony

Hell on earth has Jessica Burciaga

A Man A Dog And A Gun features one of my all time faves Salli Richardson

A View From The Beach, new to our blogroll, has another fave Liz Hurley

Donald Douglas has Gwyneth Paltrow

Barking Moonbat has some Reds for us

Blazing Cat Fur has Joanna Lumley

Load Heat presents Kate Beckinsale

Bob Belvedere has a great Rule 5 Saturday

Dustbury has Drew Barrymore

Jamie has Alison Brie

Full Metal Patriot has Christina Hendricks

Postal Dog notes this lady’s sexy eyes

Big Fur Hat pokes some fun at our VP

Mad Mad Mad World uses Rule 5 to poke fun at Madonna

Jake Finnegan features Kylie Minogue

Laughing Conservative has a video of two attractive women discussing, um sausage

American Perspective has a Rul5 5 Round up, with lots of fun links

William Teach asks if all you see is a girl in a bikini?

POH wants some perspective, and Giselle

Proof positive has a great Friday Night Babe

The Astute Blogger has some fine patriotic women

Another new addition to our blogroll Valley of the Shadow has some Rule 5 awesomeness

The Classic Liberal uses Rule 5 to honor “doing your own thing

The Feral Irishman has bubble bath fun

Pitsnipes features beautiful eyes

Randy has a Tart for us all

Wyatt has Christina Hendricks Fever

Teresa has Lea Michele

The Last Tradition brings us a girl named Georgina

The Other McCain, who started all this Rule 5 madness has a great aggregation!

Say Anything offers us some more great links to ladies

Theo reminds us that girls need no pants

Lance has issues with Ask Men’s list of hotties

Woodsterman has no apologies for Rule 5

Chris closes us out

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