Leftist tolerance summarized in one video clip

Duane Lester has it

So should the outrage of a liberal talk radio host Thaddeus Mathews’ racist comment.  Matthews’ browbeat black GOP Congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann, repeatedly swore at her and kicked her out of his studio.  When she offered her hand,  he refused to shake it, saying he didn’t want any of her whiteness to rub off on her.

This lady is being bullied by some half rate wannabe thug for one reason. She DARES to be a Republican. She DARES to think for herself. Thaddeus Matthews would never dare speak to a man this way for fear of getting his faced caved in. I truly hope this bag of feces does not have a wife or girlfriend, lest he “put them in their place” when they think for themselves.

Here is the clip

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