Again, someone expresses my feelings before I can

And this time it is Chris at Wyblog, who says what I was thinking when I read this from Stacy McCain

Just ask yourselves, Perrybots, what might have been possible if some other candidate — any other candidate, perhaps one who could remember how to count to three — had an extra $20 million to spend here in Florida. But no, you spent months telling the rest of us that Rick Perry was The Only Conservative Who Could Beat Romney, an argument you didn’t hesitate to repeat as late as December, long after it was apparent that he wasn’t ready for prime time. And you still refuse to admit that you were misled, and helped mislead others, into jumping aboard that hopeless Bandwagon to Loserville.

Given that I am, at times, a guy who can give in to anger, I will just allow Chris to speak for me, and then I will print out this post about “Perrybots” a few hundred times and spread it own my lawn this Spring.

Hey, Stacy McCain is a kick-ass gonzo journalist and all. He Knows Things. I’m just a random Polack from New Jersey. But it occurs to me that Rick Perry, a guy who’s actually won elections and governed from conservative principles, might have gotten more traction if a certain gonzo journalist hadn’t taken a flyer on the likes of Herman Cain, and in the process misled a whole lotta other folks into buying a one-way ticket on the 9-9-9 Restraining Order Express. Cain wanted to be president alright, just not President of the United States. More like president of Hooters, if you get my drift. Certainly beats that web site idea, right?

All I can add is that if supporting a very good man with great character, a damned good conservative record, and who certainly does not deserve to have his intellect, or that of his supporters maligned, is wrong, then I will GLADLY be wrong! At least I will have my principles.

One final thing, that whole Perrybot BS is, frankly, insulting. The reasons I did support Perry, after initially supporting Cain, before it became clear that Cain had the foreign policy chops of the average three-year old, were simple. His record, his principles, his character, and yes, his ideas for shrinking Washington and getting the economy going made him EASILY the best guy for the job. I will always support substance, over style, because when push comes to shove, style is absolutely meaningless without substance!

UPDATE!! Lance Burri does a great job of refuting Stacy McCain’s logical fallacy

McCain writes:

Just ask yourselves, Perrybots, what might have been possible if some other candidate — any other candidate, perhaps one who could remember how to count to three – had an extra $20 million to spend here in Florida.

I may or may not meet his standard for a “Perrybot.” I was on the Perry bandwagon. Then I got off. Then I ran alongside it, ready to grab hold and swing back aboard. I never quite gave up on him until he officially dropped out.

So regardless of his definition, I think I qualify, and will therefore respond.

One need not be a “Perrybot” to see the logical fallacy McCain is making. To wit: “if Rick Perry hadn’t entered the race, somebody else would have gotten that $20 million.”

I dunno what’s in that pile, but it smells.

Short answer: no, neither Rick Santorum, nor Herman Cain, nor Michelle Bachmann, nor Thaddeus McCotter would have received that $20 million. A small proportion of it, perhaps. I’m speculating, but it seems likely that other candidates would also have received some of it. Therefore whatever financial impact this fictional Perrylessness might have had would be distributive in nature, and thus zero.

No impact.

But even so, those sans-Perry contributions wouldn’t have added up to $20 million. Much of it was contributed only because Perry was the candidate. For McCain to speculate that this $20 million existed and was in play regardless of Perry’s candidacy, and that this $20 million would have made Rick Santorum competitive pre-Florida (or, perhaps, kept Herman Cain competitive post-scandal) is ridiculous.

Bravo! Be sure to read the rest and check out what Pat Austin has to say!

2 thoughts on “Again, someone expresses my feelings before I can”

  1. This whole election is about style over substance. The MSM is making it that way, and their idiotic debates reinforce the notion. Gingrich is right – let the candidates *debate*, debate each other Lincoln – Douglas style. And let each guy emphasize his positives, not harp on the other guy’s negatives. Republicans don’t need to defeat each other, they need to defeat Obama.

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