Everyone should go to Starbucks on Valentines Day!

I plan to, and here is why. A group that advocates gun control AKA disarming Americans, is boycotting Starbucks on that day. Texas Fred has the scoop

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(CNSNews.com)— The National Gun Victims Action Council (NGAC) will lead a national boycott of Starbucks Coffee products on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, to try to change the company’s “open carry” gun policy at its locations. Starbucks currently allows guns to be openly carried by patrons in its stores in the states where it is legal to do so.

“Starbucks allowing guns to be carried in thousands of their stores significantly increases everyone’s risk of being a victim of gun violence,” said Elliot Fineman, CEO of the NGAC in a statement. “Open and conceal-and-carry are among the reasons there are 12,000 gun homicides each year in the U.S.”

The NGAC further stated that Starbucks has the legal right to ban guns from their coffee shops but the company “clings to this policy that puts millions of Americans at risk every day and encourages the spread of guns being carried in public.”

The NGAC says that its boycott will, “90% of the time,” reduce Starbucks stock price.

Full Story Here:
Anti-Gun Group to Launch Nationwide Boycott of Starbucks

So, in order to help a company that RESPECTS our right to self defense, I am going to go to Starbucks on that day, and I am going to start buying their products, even though I am not much of a coffee guy. And I am definitely not into Mochafrappochino lattes or whatever you call those girly coffee drinks. But, I respect businesses that respect my rights! So, there you are, GO to Starbucks this Valentines, and CONTACT Starbucks, let them know you are thankful for their policy!

You know, one more reason to visit on that day? No whiny hippies to deal with!

11 thoughts on “Everyone should go to Starbucks on Valentines Day!”

  1. Reblogged this on freedombytheway and commented:
    Gun rights advocates are also suggesting that you purchase your Starbucks coffee on Feb. 14th with $2 bills to show support of the 2nd Amendment. And if you live in an open-carry state, practice that right, as well while you enjoy your cup of Joe!

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