How do you spell despicable? NAACP

Here they go again!

Reaction to the Jan Brewer encounter is still bubbling, with some black commentators now suggesting the image of the Arizona governor wagging her finger at the President of the United States has touched a nerve in the African-American community.

A nerve? No, not a nerve? My God what shall we ever do? How about we engage in some extreme race pimping? You know that MSNBS would go here didn’t you?

On MSNBC Thursday, Al Sharpton posited that Brewer’s treatment of President Obama was another example of disrespect in a list of many for the nation’s first black president. His guest, Sirius XM host Joe Madison, said such incidents show that there are people “who cannot stand the fact that this is an African-American who is now one of the most powerful individuals on the planet,” Mediaite reported.

Excuse me for a moment while I bang my head against my desk in frustration.

OK, that is better, now, let us turn to the kings of race pimping to hear their take

An NAACP official went a few steps further in an interview with POLITICO Friday, saying the tiff played on age-old and discriminatory stereotypes of whites being superior to blacks. Hilary O. Shelton, senior vice president for advocacy and policy at the NAACP, said he was particularly disturbed by Brewer telling reporters afterward that she “felt a bit threatened if you will, in the attitude that he had.”

Good Freaking grief~! Who believes this crap? seriously, who listens to unadulterated BS like that and buys into it? Someone must, because the NAACP keeps going back to the Well of Racial Division don’t they? It is sad, no tragic, that some people have allowed themselves to be led, by the Left by the nose onto the plantation of Eternal Victimhood. Those are the sad sacks who buy this crap. They actually prefer to feel victimized than to feel happy, and fortunate to live in the most tolerant nation on earth. Why is this? It is what I call EternalVictim Syndrome. It is as if these folks cannot accept the good, no GREAT news that racism, and sexism, are basically dead in this nation. They cannot see that at all. It is as if they have a secretly held desire to be a victim.

Of course, I suppose that these folks might be happy to have their own network right? MSNBS to the Pity Party! That network can always be counted on to make asses of themselves to keep the Eternal Victims, well, feeling victimized~!

YEP! Ron Reagan just played the Himmler Card!

3 thoughts on “How do you spell despicable? NAACP”

  1. The NAACP is keeping racism alive. How else can they control the masses? They’ve outlived their usefulness long ago.

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