Some Rule 5 appreciation

Barking Moonbat celebrates women with great hair

Donald Douglas Has a Lea Michele video

Bring the Heat has Leelee

Bob Belvedere, who never links me much anymore,  has Kellie Krave and a fine collection of ladies

Jamie Jeffords features the fetching Emma Stone

Mike, of Fishersville, mourns the end of cheerleader season

Full Metal Patriot has a Gina Carano crush

Postal Dog has Vanessa Hudgens and her many bikinis

William Teach uses hot women to mock Warmists

Pitsnipes Gripes has Asian Fever

Proof Positive has Georgia Salpa on his mind

Randy has Yamila Diaz

Rio Norte has Poojahmania

Wyatt has Love on the brain

Mike has Rule 5 Tattoo

The Last Tradition has Demi Moore

Theo goes Kinky on us

Trog has Megan Fox

Jake has Laura Decker, and lots more

Dustbury has Fiona Xie

Soylent Green has some NSFW corsets

Tersa has Vicky Kaya

Mr. G Guy has been to Florida, and has pics

H2 has, Crack Whore Barbie?

American Perspective goes with Kate Beckinsale

Say Anything checks in with many links to beauty

The Other McCain had a great Rule 5 last week, this weeks will be as good so look for it

The Feral Irishman has Some NSFW Hawtness!

The Bleacher Report asks NBA or NFL cheerleaders who is hotter

COED has the Hooters Hall of Fame

Hell on Earth has a Sam Grierson video

Ah yes, Hookers and Booze

Ted features Helena Bonham Carter

Kurt goes ANTI-Rule 5

Maggie makes my Saturday night

Check back for more updates Sunday

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