One of these years I am going to get to CPAC

But, not this year it seems, not quite enough of $$$$$$$$$$$, but maybe next year. One of the biggest reasons I would like to go is to get a picture with Michelle Malkin, my blogging role model, and to meet the likes of Bob Belvedere, Stacy McCain, and a host of other fellow bloggers.

Smitty, of The Other McCain is going, and I would love to have a beer, or three, with him. He is of like mind on many issues, and one of the very best bloggers out there. This morning Smitty offered up his thoughts on CPAC

I bring up Niklas because we’re planning to bring him down for at least a fly-by. Looking at the speaker list, I hope to get him a photo op with Sarah Palin. The other attendee that I’m looking forward to meeting is Daniel Hannan. I am jealous of Niklas already, as he is far better looking than I. No, I’m actually not jealous. Rather, I’m motivated to work hard at fixing the cesspool of American politics, so that, when he’s my age, he has no legitimate cause for anger at my for not trying harder.

Yep! Cesspool is the image I see when I think of American politics. And like Smitty, wanting to fix it for his young son, I would love my niece, Savannah Grace, to inherit an America which still honors our constitution. Yep, that is why I do this blog, because I think it the best way to have the biggest influence on taking America in the right direction.

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