Newest mascot to be banned?

Cougars is now sexist!

 One Utah school district believes a cougar mascot would be insensitive to women.

English: North Amerian Cougar
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The Canyons School District overrode the students top choice of a cougar mascot for their high school that is to be completed in 2013.

Would-be Corner Canyon High School students chose the Cougars as their mascot — a name principal Mary Bailey said carries an ugly connotation that is disrespectful to women.

In popular culture, the cougar is a sexually aggressive middle-aged woman who attracts younger men.

The school board, which consists of six men and one woman, thought the Charger would be more appropriate, which was on the ballot but failed to appeal to students as the cougar had.

Good Grief! Where does the madness end? It ends when we either reject this nonsense, or it ends with our liberty completely destroyed!

Maybe these morons should be locked in a cage with a rabid cougar.

One thought on “Newest mascot to be banned?”

  1. Oh, yeah? The name Charger will tempt people to go into debt with credit cards.
    Hey, I’m a cougar because I’m attracted to younger men not because they’re attracted to me. lol

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