The end of Newt? UPDATED

Does ABC News hold the death card that will “end Newt’s career”?

UPDATE: An ABC News executive told The Associated Press the network is likely to air the interview Thursday on “Nightline.” The Blaze’s earlier report and background on the controversy follows below.

According to Drudge Report, Marianne Gingrich — ex-wife of GOP candidate Newt Gingrich — dropped what sources claim is a game-changing bombshell about the former House Speaker — one that could “end” her ex-husband’s career. The two-hour long interview, conducted last week by Brian Ross, is said to contain “explosive revelations” that will “rock the campaign trail.”

The controversial nature of the interview is now causing major waves at the network, according to sources, and a “civil war” has since exploded at ABC on exactly when the tell-all will air.

Drudge reports that executives at ABCNews say it would be “unethical” to run Marianne Gingrich’s interview so close to South Carolina Primary and that a tentative decision has been made to broadcast the interview next Monday after all votes have been counted.

Well, we know that Newt was a bad husband, so there has to be more, a lot more if this story could end his career. Or is ABC just hoping that just the mention of a “bombshell” will do the trick. I have feared Newt’s baggage, and I suppose we will find out soon if my fears were well founded.

Right now, and I hate saying this, it appears that we could be, after South Carolina, down to Newt and Romney. If this news is truly a bombshell though what then. Let’s say Newt gets destroyed by this interview. Does Santorum rebound? Will Romney have  cakewalk from here out? Could there be one last shot for Perry? Likely not, since the voters seem to written Perry off for some unforgivable sin. Frankly, I am stunned that the base turned on Perry so quickly, and so permanently.

One last thought. How valid will this story be? Would Newt’s ex try to destroy him by lying? Clearly he was a cheat, but we already know that. Would she be willing to add “facts” to kill Newt’s chances? I always question the timing these types of interviews. If there was something so bad that it will nuke Newt, why was it not shared before this?

UPDATE! Hot Air reports via Howard Kurtz that the interview will reveal nothing new.

Good lord. After all the hype tonight, is this thing actually going to be a giant nothingburger? Howard Kurtz:

A knowledgeable insider says that Newt Gingrich’s second wife does not say anything in the taped interview with ABC News that she hasn’t said in previous print interviews. But to repeat her account of how their marriage failed—because the then-House speaker was having an affair—in a form that can be endlessly replayed on television could prove a serious distraction for the presidential candidate two days before the South Carolina primary.

So maybe this is just a publicity deal for her? Or maybe the thought is that this will hamstring the Gingrich “surge”. Guess we find out soon enough

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