Last night’s debate

The highlights for me were Perry and Newt making a pinata out of Juan Williams, good grief does Williams not possess the ability to ask any serious questions? Perry was VERY GOOD but, apparently the talking heads only noticed Newt. Yep, Newt was very good, but so was Perry! I saw a comment today on one blog. The commentor said that if Perry could only articulate his views better, like Newt, he would win in a landslide. Sorry, I do not see a damned thing wrong with Rick Perry delivering his message. I wonder how many people think that is the case because the “analysts” ignore Perry too often, or put such a negative spin on Perry.

I think everyone agrees, well, everyone except Ann Coulter and the establishment types, that Romney looked bad, unpresidential, pathetic last night.

Ron Paul, oh who cares about him.

Santorum looked OK, maybe a tad petulant at times. I did not like his answer about why he wishes to tax some businesses at higher rates than others though. That is nothing but big government playing favorites. His defense of his vote AGAINST right to work was gutless frankly. Just what I would expect from a guy wearing a sweater vest.

For more great analysis that you will NEVER get from the “political experts” head over to Jill’s place!

Also look over at Wyblog, Chris raises some great thoughts

Professor Jacobsonsums up my impression of the trainwreck that is Mitt Romney’s impending nomination.

We are on a path to nominate someone who campaigned against Reagan, campaigned against the Contract with America, campaigned against those who are pro-Life, campaigned against 2d Amendment rights, campaigned against conservatism, and designed and enacted the precursor to Obamacare from which he will not back away.

Meanwhile the only guy who’s never actually lost an election on the merits can’t get any traction, because ostensible “conservatives” are enamored by Rick Santorum’s sweater vests and Newt Gingrich’s adverbial allegories.

Again, I am as amazed as Chris. Perry has a record the others cannot touch, yet too many of us are obsessing over a big government guy, in a sweater vest no less, who wants the government in our bedrooms, has issues with “unrestrained individualism”  and wants to use the tax code to favor some businesses over others? Good freaking grief!

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