Your Asshole of the Day? Eugene Robinson

Well, OK, Robinson is pretty much an asshole EVERYDAY, Reading his columns or listening to his rantings on MSNBS will prove that point but as Donald Douglas points out, Robinson has gone above and beyond his usual

The video’s at RealClearPolitics, Eugene Robinson: Rick Santorum’s Stillborn Baby Story Is ‘Very Weird’.”

William Jacobson responds, “Now Eugene Robinson mocks Santorum’s mourning.”

And Glenn Reynolds links to Peter Wehner at Commentary: “WELL, AFTER THE TRIG PALIN ASSAULTS, GOING AFTER A STILLBORN BABY ISN’T MUCH OF A STRETCH: The Casual Cruelty of Eugene Robinson. Remember this the next time they launch one of their bogus “new civility” campaigns.”

Ah yes, civility. Leftists have no civility at all. They are angry, bitter, morally retarded people. Robinson is mocking a tragic loss, and mocking the parents, and siblings, who lost that baby. It is truly despicable to see trash like Robinson mocking people far better than himself.

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