Ron Paul Backed Cynthia McKinney In 2008 (Video)

Ron Paul Backed Cynthia McKinney In 2008 – Daily Mail

Sarah Palin admonished Republicans not to ridicule Congressman Ron Paul. Sarah Palin is wrong. Ron Paul is a disloyal phony who has earned whatever contempt real Republicans have for him and his dangerously naive ideas about foreign policy. Ron Paul has shunned the party in the past, as he was the Libertarian Party candidate in 1988 and in 2008 he rejected the McCain/Palin ticket, instead embracing Cynthia McKinney and other third-party candidates for president 2008.


Like a kid who is losing a game, Ron Paul took his ball and went home in 2008.

But Missus Palin, sadly, seemed to be unaware of his disloyalty.

In her role as a paid contributor on Fox News, Sarah Palin lectured Neal Cavuto: “Here’s the deal, the GOP would be so remiss to marginalize Ron Paul and his supporters as we come out of Iowa tonight and move down the road to New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida, et cetera. If we marginalize these supporters who have been touched by Ron Paul and what he believed in over these years, well, then, through a third party run of Ron Paul’s or the Democrats capturing those independents and these libertarians who supported what Ron Paul’s been talking about, well, then the GOP is going to lose. And then there will be no light at the end of the tunnel. So, the worst thing that the GOP machine can do is marginalize Ron Paul and his supporters.”

Here’s the deal, her analysis is simplistic and contrary to the facts. While I do agree that Republicans should embrace Ron Paul’s supporters, the man conducted himself in a less-than-honorable manner.

From the Boston Globe on September 10, 2008:

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul urged his supporters today to vote for a minor-party candidate, saying that he had rejected a last-minute appeal from Republican John McCain for his endorsement.

The Texas congressman cultivated a loyal following and raised sizable amounts of campaign cash online during the Republican primaries.

At a news conference in Washington he appeared with independent Ralph Nader, the consumer activist, and Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney, the former Georgia congresswoman.

Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, the former Republican congressman from Georgia, held his own news conference to announce he has asked Paul, the party’s nominee in 1988, to be his running mate.

In a letter sent to Paul, Barr called Paul one of the “few American patriots” who exist in today’s society, and asked him to “seriously consider this final offer as an opportunity to show true, lasting leadership beyond party politics.”

While many people assume he endorsed Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, he also endorsed Miss McKinney and the Constitution Party candidate in a vote-for-one-of-them proclamation.

How does one reconcile this: He ran for president as a Republican and when he lost, instead of congratulating the man who won and offering his support, Ron Paul not only did not campaign for John McCain, he campaigned against him.

If third parties are so great, why did he run for Congress as a Republican? This, along with his weird writings in the 1990s, reflects a man who only uses Republicans to advance an agenda that does not quite add up.

I pity his followers, who seem on the whole to be worthy of someone so much better.

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