Another year shot to hell! Ending 2011 with thanks-a-lot-links

Well, New Years Eve is here, and it is time to say thanks to all of our blogging allies who have helped us grow. I January, we were getting a bit over 650 hits a day, February saw just under 800 a day, march saw us at 825 a day. Then something happened, April we jumped to over 1,300 a day, May saw us move to over 1,450 a day. In July we made a huge leap to 1,765, and August saw us reach just under 1,900 a day. Last month, November, saw us break 2,000 hits a day, at 2,160, and December has us at over 2,600 a day. So, basically, we have quadrupled our visitors this year. This i due to hard work by Ed and myself, and to our blogging allies, who link us and send business our way. This post is dedicated to them!

Chris at Wyblog loathes Liberal Facism, and gives us  a salute as well

Hell on Earth knows babe blogging

The Lonely Conservative marvels at how out of touch the Obamas are

Lance offers his congrats, then makes it all about him somehow.

Zion’s Trumpet has a non-surprise surprise

A Man, A Dog, A Gun is right, that IS funny!

Kurt is reminded of Mitt

Adrienne is celebrating too, Happy  Birthday!

Duane has linky love

Robert notes that Iran is getting froggy again

Aleister has news on four dirt bags

Donald Douglas notes that Bare Naked Islam is back

The Astute Bloggers look back

Dave C has the worst Christmas music EVAH

Blazing Cat Fur has some overrated things

Bunkerville has some words from Reagan

Bob has a reading list

Matt has your must-take poll

Jamie has predictions

Grandpa Steve goes THERE!

Jake Finnegan has this face palm moment

Rule 5 from The Laughing Conservative

Maggie has news of a Latino-themed National Park?

Steve looks at words Obama never uses

Noisy Room has a disturbing story

Obi’s Sister has had enough of 2011 already!

William Teach has, well, a bikini-clad babe used to make a political point!

POH Diaries is suffering from Campaignitis!~

Carol says……………

The Political Junkie Mom is at, wait where?

Proof Positive has a ton of links for you to click!

Stacy McCain is trying to get me down

Jill is pumping me back up!

Randy: Quitters!

RRR: 1975 Lincoln is the epitome of……….

The Reluctant Rebel has, OH GOD MY EYES!

Right Klik: Nukes for Nuts?

Saber: And the Oscar goes to………..

Sentry Journal: LINKS!

Pat Austin notes that our blogs are not “cool” enough to make a certain list of top blogs

Spread Eagle has a Christmas Marine Poem

Wyatt name himself the LEAST interesting person in the world

Teresamerica has Rule 5 babes!

Mike has some Rule 5 rock!

THeo has a bonus babe that is well, see for yourself

Silverfiddle has this post, go read it

Milton Wolf: What kind of sick freaks go to McDonalds naked?

Finally Zilla wraps us up

18 thoughts on “Another year shot to hell! Ending 2011 with thanks-a-lot-links”

      1. What Dame Maggie wrote, squared!

        You guys deserve all the success you’ve gotten.

        A [belated] Happy New Year and thanks for all the linky love!

  1. Keep doing what you do and your viewership will grow with you. You have a top notch blog here gents! Happy New Year to all of you and many thanks for the linkage this past year.

  2. Doug,

    Thanks for all your hard work and for standing guard over liberty. May 2012 be the year that “We the people” restore true bipartisanship in the Congress and the White House if freed of the errand boy sent by grocery clerks.

    Happy New Year to you and all those you hold dear and to all of your wonderful readers.

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