Oh so close

Wow! This month has been by far the busiest here at The Daley Gator! We have smashed the 75,000 hit mark this month, and need less than 4,000 to break 80,000 hits for the month. We also need less than 4,000 hits to break the magic mark of 1,000,000 hits! I would love to get there by New Years Eve!

Thanks to all our loyal readers, and to all those other blogs that regularly link us, blogroll us, and that have offered helping hands to us. Special thanks to The Other McCain. Stacy McCain and Smitty have certainly been very generous with links and advice. One of the biggest aids to a new blogger is getting help from a big, well, known blog. The Other McCain has certainly done that for us.

More big thanks to Donald Douglas at American Power, Bob Belvedere at Camp of the Saints, Mike at The Classic Liberal, Chris Wysocki at Wyblog, Pat Austin at So It Goes in Shreveport, the Mind Numbed Robot, and to Michelle Malkin, who, though she does not know it, inspired me to start blogging.

Biggest thanks, though, go to Edward Daley, the Daley part of the Daley Gator. The first and only person I thought of to help me get a blog going was Ed! And certainly this blog would not be as successful if not for his hard work, and creative genius.

UPDATE! Linked by Adrienne

And by Blazing Cat Fur where we are the Blog of the Day!

12 thoughts on “Oh so close”

  1. Have this one on me. Did I read somewhere that the millionth hitter gets a million dollars? Perhaps not. Anywho, have a Happy New Year.

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