What could be useful about an idiot?

The term Useful Idiot refers to those individuals that, through their unchecked stupidity, help Communism spread throughout the world. Conservative Hideout is having their Useful Idiot of the Year contest. Go vote!

 For anyone who is new to this, a useful idiot is a person that, knowingly or otherwise, promotes Communism.  They were called that by Lenin and Stalin.  Their purpose was to destabilize a Western nation in order to create crisis.  Then, it was hoped that a Communist regime would be installed to deal with the crisis.  Then, most ironically, the useful idiots would be mostly jailed, exiled, or executed.  After all, the Communists can’t allow ideological pawns to interfere with their tyranny, can they?So then, the process is simple-the readers nominate useful idiots.  Then, I put them in a poll, and we all get a chance to vote.  Again, we are not ACORN, or the SEIU, so you only get to vote once.

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