The last Conservative standing?

Don Surber says that Conservative is Rick Perry, and makes some other great points. Points which include why Romney and Newt are, well, you know

With Newt Gingrich you have to defend three wives, unethical personal and professional behavior, a career of weird positions, and a tendency to out-Obama when it comes to his own assessment of his intelligence. as I wrote earlier, winning all these debates gives Newt overconfidence in the fall campaign on his debating skills. When he falls behind he will bet it all on winning big in the next debate and guess what? He won’t. Everyone will expect him to win.

Mitt Romney’s baggage is Romneycare and wishy-washyness. He has a great life story and could make a great president who balances the budget and makes the nation strong again. But he is so plodding.

Now, in my view, Mitt has become, next to Ron Paul, and John Huntsman, the least desirable of all the candidates. Newt has some good creds on his resume, but, with apologies to my friend, and blogging partner, Ed Daley, Newt has zero character. And, sorry, it does not matter how well you debate, or how many adverbs you use, a man with a history like Newt’s cannot be trusted! Yes, I know, he has changed right? Yes, I hope so, but sorry Newt, I will support you against Obama, but, until then, no way!

As to Santorum, and Bachmann, well, as Surber points out, they have no chance.

But on a scale of conservatism with 10 being Reagan and 1 being Carter, I give Rick Perry a 9. Sure, the HPV vaccine was a mistake but it was one made for the right reason: To save lives.

Michele Bachmann has no chance. Rick Santorum ditto. Rick Perry is the last conservative standing.

He may be dumb but he did not endorse Dede Scozzafava, did he? And yes, that still matters.

UPDATE: I am reminged by a reader that Rick Perry endorsed Doug Hoffman in that race.

Newt, of course, screwed Conservatives in that NY Congressional race, Perry? He got it!

Now, I am going to have to remind Surber that if he thinks Perry is “dumb” he is grossly mistaken. Perhaps that is just sarcasm and likely is, since no one would rightly rate Perry a 9 on the Conservative scale then question his brains.

Rick Perry has a record that I will happily put up against anyone, yes even Newt the King of Adverbs! Yes, I know, we must not forget that beating Obama IS the end goal here. But, I want to send the best Conservative to beat him next year, and the record speaks volumes!

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