Mark Levin: Is Newt Really Satan? – Plus Related Gingrich Videos

Mark Levin: Is Newt Really Satan? – The Right Scoop

While Mark Levin is on vacation, he’s taken a little time to pen his thoughts on the ongoing disgusting attacks aimed at Newt Gingrich by those on the right, including Ann Coulter, George Will, and the NRO:

If you read the comments on some conservative sites you might think so.

Newt Gingrich is not my first choice for the GOP nomination. I have said if I were voting today, I would vote for either Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum. But I don’t feel the need to smear Newt, either.

My friend Ann Coulter says she would vote for Ron Paul over Newt Gingrich. Really? Despite his racism, anti-Semiticism, hate-America first pronouncements, 9/11 truther nuttiness, etc., etc.? What about this?

What about this?

What about this?

What about this?

The list goes on and on. Coulter is undoubtedly aware of all of this. How can she or any sensible person, let alone conservative, advocate for or defend this? She backed Chris Christie, telling me that if Mitt Romney is nominated he will lose as John McCain did, and it will be my fault (along with Rush’s and Sean’s). Now, she insists that only Romney can win and the conservatives in the field cannot. Perplexing.

George Will is slamming away at Newt again today, having previously suggested he was a Marxist. A Marxist? Is this the same Will who supported George H. W. Bush and Howard Baker over Ronald Reagan in 1979? Somehow he not only missed the Reagan Revolution, but he initially doubted it and opposed it. Your judgment, George, does not match your conceit, with all due respect.

Over at NR, the hits keep coming. My friend Ramesh Ponnuru is waxing on priest-like about Newt and his Catholic faith. It’s a very odd piece. But Ramesh backs Romney, not Rick Santorum, who is not only Catholic but is clearly a more reliable conservative than Romney. Perplexing.

Most of Newt’s attackers have announced for Romney or are at least fronting for him, overlooking or excusing most of Romney’s deceits — which continue to this day and most recently involve his flip-flopping on the Iraq War. Moreover, Will has not said who he supports, having previously backed Mitch Daniels. No doubt Michelle Bachmann is just too wacky and inexperienced for his tastes, much as Reagan was too old and unsteady back in 1979.

Having consulted a number of friends and colleagues from the Reagan era, they agree with me that we’ve not seen this kind of daily attack on a legitimate Republican primary candidate in modern times, despite Newt’s weaknesses and faults. And most are disgusted by it.

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9 thoughts on “Mark Levin: Is Newt Really Satan? – Plus Related Gingrich Videos”

  1. No. He’s not satan. He’s just another statist. Those of us who oppose Obama will have to resign ourselves to holding our noses and voting ABO… Because any of theme are better than Obama.

    1. Newt may be many things, but he’s not a statist. Can you name one other GOP candidate in the race today who has actually advanced the conservative agenda as much as Newt did when he was in Congress? I’m not referring to empty promises, campaign talking points or failed attempts, I’m concerned with actual results here. Despite Newts many flaws and stupid statements over the years, when push came to shove he got the job done in a decidedly right-wing manner. Like the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

    2. Not a big Newt fan myself, he cannot be trusted, as his past shows. Naturally he is far better than Obama, and than Romney in my view. I will say that Newt’s negatives, baggage, is huge, that concerns me. But Romney, who in my view cannot be trusted either will have negatives too, even among Conservative Republicans. We all know who I support, and we shall; see how Iowa goes, and then South Carolina.

  2. Hello Mr. Gator:

    Levin could not be more right on this one. The last time I saw anything even approaching this in vitriol was the left’s off the rails attacks on Sarah Palin. Indeed, it is just this type of internal attack that put the screws to Goldwater in 1964, giving rise to Reagan’s oft expressed 11th Commandment.

    For the record, here was my e-mail to George Will today:


    Your hatred of Gingrich has been palpable from the start of the campaign. It has clearly clouded your judgment.

    Conservatives have been shaking their fists impotently at the Courts for their judicial activism – their Politburo like unilateral amendments to the Constitution working fundamental changes to our nation – for the past fifty years. Heretofore, the only solution to the problem was thought to be electing Presidents who will appoint judges grounded in originalism. That has been less than successful. Enter Newt Gingrich, who has completely changed the paradigm on this critical issue. He wants to make a systemic fix that will permanently restore the Constitutional balance between the three branches of our government as such balance was envisioned by the Founders. Andrew McCarthy and Judge Mukasey certainly support that. Yet you would label the effort anti-conservative merely because it comes from Gingrich?

    I’ve lost all respect for you at this point Mr. Will. Your determination to excoriate Gingrich at all cost has descended into farce with your most recent column.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have any respect for the 11th Commandment?.


    It won’t do any good, but it did feel good writing it.

      1. Thanks, a plug from Levin is huge. I have been very critical of Coulter myself. Frankly, she is acting like a Liberal of late, backing Romney as the MOST Conservative? Because he says he will “repeal” Obama Care? When in fact he is on record as saying we ought to keep the “good parts” of Obama Care. Coulter has exposed herself as nothing but a self-promoter in my view, not as kooky as Paul, certainly, but she is gaining fast!

    1. Well written. I myself have never much cared for Will. He’s an elitist who has never fully supported conservatives over “moderates”. While Newt has his baggage to be sure, he’s hardly a Marxist. His record shows that he has advanced the cause of conservatism more than any other GOP candidate in the race.

      Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has never pushed a conservative agenda while in elected office. In fact, most of his notable “accomplishments” were objectively leftist in nature.

      As for Ron Paul, he’s not even a Republican. He’s an extremist Libertarian who has decided to adopt Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy and has no problem accepting the support of the most vile racists, anti-Semites and conspiracy kooks in the country.

      1. Well said! Paul is a fool. Will IS an elitist snob, although he is right on many things. And Romney just gets less appealing every day.

  3. No Chip No Check: Newt wishes to eliminate Welfare Fraud Specifically in Louisiana…. Tell Newt Gingrich To Go Back To Hell! Newt is defiantly a friend of Satan…. Taking US tax dollars to support abortions in China…. What a Devil!

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