Man Dead After Eating Cocaine From Brother’s Buttocks (Video)

Man Dead After Eating Cocaine From Brother’s Buttocks – Weekly Vice

Deangelo Rashard Mitchell, a 23-year-old North Charleston man has been jailed after he allegedly pleaded with his brother to eat cocaine that was hidden inside his buttocks.

Deangelo Mitchell’s brother, 20-year-old Wayne Mitchell, died as a result.

According to the Charleston Police Department, Deangelo and Wayne Mitchell were apprehended after officers recovered cocaine inside their vehicle during a routine traffic stop. A camera inside the cruiser recorded the brothers as they began whispering about some narcotics hidden in the older brother’s rectum.

Investigators say Deangelo told his brother to eat the cocaine because he didn’t have any strikes against him. Deangelo was concerned because of his lengthy arrest record.

“I can’t get no more strikes,” Deangelo told his brother. “Eat that shit… chew that shit”

Wayne complied with his brother’s request and ate three bags of cocaine (approx. one ounce) that had been retrieved from Deangelo’s buttocks.

Shortly after taking the drugs, Wayne began convulsing and bleeding from his mouth. The officer noticed that there was white residue on the cruiser’s rear seat. When asked what happened, Deangelo admitted that his brother had ingested a large amount of cocain. Wayne died less than an hour later.

Deangelo Mitchell was booked into jail and initially charged with narcotics trafficking. He was released after posting $50,000 bond. However, after reviewing the police footage, prosecutors decided to charge him with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the death of his brother.


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