The best endorsement for Rick Perry I have yet seen or read

From Ace, who lays out solid reasons for supporting Rick Perry for president. It is long, but worth the time invested. I have tried my best to lay out my reasons for supporting Perry, and Ace touches many of the same reasons. Go read it all.

As an aside, some other blogger, whom I respect immensely is endorsing Santorum, who would be my second choice. Santorum is a good guy, and solid as a Conservative, but he is not as qualified as Perry is. I, unlike this Other blogger will not go negative or say ugly things about his candidate, and I will never use Michele Bachmann’s fallacious attacks either. Lord knows what Bachmann would say about Santorum if he ever gets to leading the polls. Likely that he eats kittens or something.

So when I lashed out at Ace for his endorsement of Rick Perry, you’ve got to view this as an emotional reaction to campaign-induced stress. And also because anybody who endorses Perry is either dishonest or naive, or quite possibly retarded by the Gardasil vaccine.

See, I understand that RS McCain, blogging genius, is joking. Or maybe he is just worried about Bama losing to LSU. I know that he will be on Team Perry when Perry is nominated, and he will enjoy the way Perry turns America around.

3 thoughts on “The best endorsement for Rick Perry I have yet seen or read”

  1. I’m still rooting for the comeback…when everyone but Mittens is destroyed by the Red Estate.
    The vampire Gingrich has already taken multiple attempts. 😉

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