The GOP establishment is wrong about Mitt, Ann Coulter hardest hit!

I think we all can agree that Mitt Romney is the choice the GOP establishment wants us to close our eyes, hold our noses, and overcome our gag reflex and vote for. We all have heard the arguments for Mitt. He can  get those independents they tell us. He can reach the moderates they assure us. He is not “too extreme” He is smart, and a good debater, and oh yes, he is electable! The establishment is wrong though. I do not see Mitt as the “only electable” candidate.

what really worries me, though, is that the media has left Mitt alone. They have attacked Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, and boy did they attack Cain. Their most hostile attacks were, and still are launched towards Rick Perry. They have heaped praise on Mitt, while attacking the rest of the GOP field. Hmmmmm

This tells me something. Something, apparently, that escapes the all-knowing GOP establishment. The media WANTS Mitt Romney to win the GOP nomination! And why would that be? Of course it is because they truly see Romney as the guy Obama can most easily beat. Isn’t it interesting that the most LIBERAL of the GOP field not counting Hunstman of course, is the one the media is codling? Remember how the media loved the Maverick? John McCain? Until he got the nomination of course. Then out came the knives. Do the GOP “experts” like Coulter and the rest think this will NOT happen again?

I also think we can read from the attacks on Perry, that the media wants to pit him vs Obama the least! Given that the economy is the biggest issue, and given Perry’s economic record, and Obama’s, I think we can understand why the media has tried to destroy Perry.

Chris, at Wyblog, offers his take on Romney, and his inevitability as nominee.


*I’m the token Republican in a sea of blue state leftists, so naturally they think I have some kind of direct pipeline to either GOP or Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Headquarters, or something. If only they knew…

Almost unanimously they don’t like Obama. The reasons vary (alas some even feel that he hasn’t driven the country far enough to the left). I heard “weak,” “ineffective,” “unqualified,” and more than one wishful lament that a Draft Hillary movement hasn’t gained any traction.

So, what do I make of this? My socialist neighborhood clearly isn’t moving into the Conservative Camp. They recoil in horror at the thought of Newt Gingrich being the nominee. Ditto for Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann. Rick Perry intrigues them (as does Chris Christie) because both guys stand up for their principles, and the concept of “leadership” is a big factor among the sheeple. But their perception is that Perry is a lousy communicator and thus not “electable.” I guess they’re still looking for a silver-tongued messiah to lead them to the promised land. Which of course is how we got Obama in the first place.

In my mind this really seals Romney’s RINO status. Liberals are comfortable with him because he’s one of them. Ugh.

AH, the lie, and it is a lie, that Perry in unelectable, because he is “stupid” or cannot speak, a lie pushed by both the media and the GOP establishment, has caused many to think they can write him off. But, as Chris points out, the interest in Perry is real. This tells me that the more he talks to folks, and campaigns on the ground, his strong suit. The better his chances are.

Remember my first rule of politics, look at which Republican the media is propping up, then look for the Republican they are most intent on tearing down, the rest should be self-explanatory shouldn’t it?

As Chris says

I’m intrigued by the softness of Obama’s support here among the die-hard lefty faithful. And I’m sure we can do better than Mitt Romney’s interpretation of Obama Lite. C’mon Rick Perry, your moment awaits.

2 thoughts on “The GOP establishment is wrong about Mitt, Ann Coulter hardest hit!”

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