Maria Conchita Alonso to Sean Penn: Communist!

The actress KNOWS what Communism is, she was raised in Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez is ruining that beautiful nation Sean Penn, who has no freaking idea what Communism is like, is good buddies with Chavez. Maggie let’s us in on Alonso trying to set Penn straight.

Maria Conchita Alonso, a Cuban-American Grammy-award winning singer and actress, raised in Venezuela, ended up in the Miami airport American Airlines baggage carousel, face-to-face with one of Hugo Chavez’Hollywood supporters, Sean Penn. Right there in the airport, the smarmy, commie sympathizer, called her “a pig,” to which she responded “You ARE a Communist!” Later she added that he was a Communist “A-hole.” At least that’s the story in the video below.

Read her letter to Penn. It will inspire you


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