Celebrating Rule 5!

Stacy McCain at The Other McCain invented Rule 5, because everyone likes a pretty girl, and now, lots of us have gotten on that bandwagon, and yes, posting pictures of attractive women does help traffic! So, this weekend, I offer up some of the best Rule 5 blogging for your perusal!

Bob Belvedere is, well, on his game with a bevy of beauties!

The Reaganite Republican? On fire with hotness and humor!!

POH Diaries gets into the “are they real debate”

Proof Positive features Estella Warren, nice call!

Jake Finnegan has Jaguar cheerleaders, who can even rock a Burka

Dustbury loves nice legs

Jamie celebrates Olivia Munn

Hookers and Booze is in the spirit

Randy serves up Kelly Brook in lingerie

Hell on Earth has a former Playmate

Maggie features an ESPN babe named Bonnie

Theo has a lady is red! WOW!

Bring the Heat, brings Minnie Driver

Teresa has a French actress I have never heard of

Donald Douglas has  video of the latest Maxim Hometown Hottie

A Man, a Dog, and a Gun features Lucy Pinder

William Teach has his legendary Blogless Pin Up post, Greatness!

Duane Lester has a great link-a-round that while it features no actual Rule 5, is still well worth your time

Sentry Journal has some linkin’ going on too

Say Anything is all over the links too!

Matt has a great set of links, AND, as an added bonus, the greatest Christmas music EVAH! Here is a small sample

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