Idiot Busted For Attempting To Manufacture Meth At Wal-Mart

Idiot Busted For Attempting To Manufacture Meth At Wal-Mart – Weekly Vice

Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon, a 45-year-old Tulsa woman was jailed Thursday after she entered a Wal-Mart, gathered various meth ingredients and attempted to manufacture meth right in the store.

According to Tulsa Police, officers were dispatched after Wal-Mart security officers reported that a woman had been inside their store for six hours gathering various meth-making supplies.

The woman reportedly gathered liquid drain cleaner, lighter fluid, lithium batteries and other products before setting out to mix the items together on a store shelf.

Investigators say an officer who responded to the scene accidentally touched some of the sulfuric acid Halfmoon had concocted, and stated that he felt a burning sensation on his hand.

The liquid also melted some of the paint off of a shelf. Police were not able to find any evidence that she had any pseudo-ephedrine, a cold medicine used to make meth. Halfmoon told police that she had stolen the ingredients and mixed them in a bottle at the store because she did not have the money to purchase them herself and take them home.

Halfmoon was booked into jail on charges of attempting to manufacture methamphetamine. Court records show that she was released on bond after being charged with possession of methamphetamine two days before this incident.

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