Best comments of the debate last night? Newt Gingrich is not the problem, Obama is

Paraphrasing Rick Perry a bit, but, I thought he nailed it by pointing out how miserably Obama has failed in the Middle East, and by pointing to the source of America’s economic woes  Perry was on his game last night, and frankly has been at most of the debates since the extremely overblown “meltdown” moment when he could not recall that third department he wanted to eliminate. Of course, the problem Perry has faced since then is that the media, yes including Fox News has focused ONLY on any “gaffe” they can find, and ignored the substance Perry offers. 

This is one of the biggest issues wit our political process, style, or perceived style, is elevated in importance over substance. The other problem is that the so-called experts micro-analyze these candidates and again, care only about style. This is how a candidate like Romney, can be praised for his great debate performances, which to me, have been more about not saying the wrong thing, then defining his ideals. I suppose that the media, and the “experts” think that ideological cowardice, which is what Romney has offered, trumps principles.

In the end though, it is voters who need to put at least a little effort into learning what these candidates are all about. It is not hard, they all have records to look at. The question is will enough Republicans look at these candidates and realize that Newt, and Mitt are NOT  the best choices?

I have said repeatedly I see Perry as the clear choice. Others see Santorum as the best option, others lean towards Bachmann. I would offer this bit of advice to any voter who still thinks Newt or Romney are the most electable. ANY of these candidates, except Ron Paul can and will beat Obama next year. So stop listening to the GOP establishment that is so afraid of nominating a real Conservative they cannot see straight. Ignore the “experts”, and the media. Most of all remember this we do not have to “settle”.

Linked by Wyblog, where Chris is starting to note Perry’s substance

Rick Perry also stood up for Truth last night —“Newt Gingrich is not the problem, Obama is the problem. Somebody needs to put that on an index card for Mitt Romney. I’m really starting to re-warm-up to Perry. Once you look past the manufactured gaffe-gates the media loves to hype he’s got some real substance in what he says.

Chris also has an issue with Conservative bloggers stirring up fake controversies

And not for nothing, but it’s bad enough having the lame-stream media piling on our candidates, so I’m especially disappointed when respected conservative bloggers feel the need to gin up more fake controversy. This time it’s Stacy McCain recycling the Is-Rick-Perry-Gay non-story just in time for the Iowa caucuses.

Look, I realize McCain is on the rebound with Rick Santorum after Herman Cain left him at the altar, but c’mon already. Talk your guy up, if he’s so swell. Don’t throw mud at the front-runners just to make your latest crush seem more like the real deal.

I would agree. Yes, I know I have been critical of some of the candidates, and I have tried to stick to substantive criticisms, including of Perry, and to avoid the stupid things that some folks get caught up in. I think we can all agree that fair criticism is valid, but, I agree with Chris here.

4 thoughts on “Best comments of the debate last night? Newt Gingrich is not the problem, Obama is”

  1. Doug, a guy like Perry waltzes into the race ON TOP, then goes on to immediately lose 20 pts… you blame that all on his gaffes being overblown?

    Perry’s campaign has been pathetic- but he strikes out with the bases loaded, bats .150, and you want to sent him on to start in the World Series?

    You better HOPE anybody can beat Obama with him elected, seriously dude. I thought he’d be unbeatable with that jobs record, but honestly- I kind of doubt he’s all that bright. Friday he called Sotomayor “Montemayor”- and claimed the SCOTUS has 8 judges!

    Newt isn’t rising just because the MSM told us we have to vote for him… part of it is because he can actually talk- that, and he knows well what he’s talking about.

    A few mos. back when I posted a “What about Rick Perry for President” post, a commenter from TX said- “what are you nuts… he can’t put two words together, and will self destruct in the primary.

    A month later, that’s exactly how it went down- just sayin, and only Perry and his team are to blame, their performance has not been one worthy of promotion to the head of the ticket. Nobody came in a better position than him, and they just plain blew it.

  2. I never said I blamed all Perry’s drop on his gaffes being overblown. But they most assuredly have been overblown. They certainly do not outweigh his plans for government reform, spending reform, tax reform, or his rock freaking solid record as governor.

    To me THOSE things matter! He certainly does not have a record like Newts record of putting politics over principles time and again. Can you say Dede Scozzafava? Perry has never embraced global warming or called himself a Teddy Roosevelt Republican.

    The point is that Perry has done a GREAT job as governor, he has WALKED the walk, not just talked the talk.

    Yes, he has flubbed a few times. Who has not? Seriously? I know that I have, and every one else has too. And I know that I do not have to worry whether or not Perry has really changed, or if he will flip flop again like Romney. And I do not have to worry because Perry has been consistent, and is usually dead on target.

    As to the accusation that Perry cannot put two words together, give me a break! The man gives GREAT speeches, without a teleprompter, and they come from principle! Nothing is more important than that. Enough politicians, enough broken promises, and empty suits saying what people want to hear. Give me a good man, with a solid record every time.

    Yep, I want Obama out of office too, and will work my ass off to support the eventual nominee. But I will be damned if I will settle on a retread with absolutely ZERO character like Newt, or a flip-flopping robot like Romney before we even have a primary. Especially since the media has been trying to anoint Romney since the race began.

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