Sick Pervs Jailed For Having Sex With Underage Girl And Dog

Sick Pervs Jailed For Having Sex With Underage Girl And Dog – Kent News

Tracy Woolridge, also known as Tracy Scamp, was found guilty of two counts of sexual penetration with an animal and having sex with a girl aged under 13.

She was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment at Canterbury Crown Court today and given a sexual offences prevention order limiting her access to children and dogs.

Woolridge, previously of Downs Road in Canterbury, pleaded guilty to all three offences on September 23.

Gary Underhill, previously of Duck Lane, Canterbury, also admitted offences relating to child sex assault, indecent images and bestiality and was sentenced to four years in prison at Canterbury crown Court today.

The 35-year-old was put on an extended licence for a further four years and given a sexual offences prevention order, controlling his access to the internet, children and dogs for an indefinite period.

The couple were arrested following an investigation by Kent Police earlier this year.

Officers searched a property at Duck Lane on June 22 and seized computer and camera equipment belonging to Underhill.

His computers were examined by officers at Kent Police’s Digital Forensics Unit and were found to have indecent images and movies of children ranging between levels one and five, in addition to four images of level four extreme pornography. These images included those of children and animals.

Analysis of Underhill’s computers and an investigation by the Public Protection Crime Unit at Kent Police led officers to execute a further warrant at The Close, Downs Road, Canterbury.

Tracy Woolridge was arrested at this address and was identified as a person featuring in child abuse and bestiality images from Underhill’s computers.

Both suspects pleaded guilty to all offences against them on September 23.

HHJ Adele Williams, when speaking to Underhill, described him as “depravity of a high degree”

“You delude no one but yourself, you plainly have a perverted and depraved sexual interest in children,” she said.

Detective Inspector Matthew Long from Kent Police’s Public Protection Unit said: “There is absolutely no excuse for downloading, viewing and taking indecent images of children; images which contain children suffering real abuse.

“Underhill indulged in his crimes for his own gratification. He positively encouraged sexual acts between an adult and a child, and also acts of bestiality.

“Woolridge has taken part in extreme acts of bestiality and the sexual abuse of a child.

“I am pleased that we have been able to prevent any further abuse being inflicted, viewed or downloaded by these two people.

“Anyone who indulges in this type of crime is feeding a need by others to distribute images.

“People who abuse children and access indecent images of children will be arrested and put before the courts.”

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