Herman Cain drops out

Herman Cain is done, he has “suspended” his campaign, which, as RS McCain notes means he is finished, although McCain is far from done, which is good

My 12-year-old son Jefferson asked, ‘What does ‘suspending’ mean?” It means “quit.” Cain will still be on the ballot in several states. He could, if he chose, resumethe campaign at some future point, but in general, “suspend = quit.”

The good news? J.D. Gordon is now unemployed.

More good news? My “sources close to the campaign” can now speak on the record about who was responsible for screwing up.

And finally, for those of my friends worried about my future diplomatic career, it’s still morning in Vanuatu. IYKWIMAITYD.

My only thing is this, why not just call it a day? And why not go ahead, and endorse someone else? Get on with it, endorse Perry, or Santorum, but endorse someone and urge your supporters NOT to vote for Cain in Iowa or New Hampshire, because you know there will be those knuckleheads that go ahead and vote Cain anyway.

Also, I will say it now, if Cain endorses soon, and it is Mitt, or Newt, my head will explode, and a lot of the respect for Cain I have will be gone.

But, God bless you Herman Cain, keep fighting for the principles you espouse.

2 thoughts on “Herman Cain drops out”

  1. If Herman Cain endorses anyone’s campaign – which I believe he will, before long – it will almost assuredly be Newt Gingrich’s. He and Newt go way back, and if you saw the Lincoln/Douglas style debate between the two men on November 5th of this year, who’d have to conclude that they admire each other greatly on a personal as well as a political level.

    I know that you (Doug) are a big Perry fan, and for good reason, The guy has been a productive and mostly conservative governor for a long time, so I can appreciate that you would be disappointed if Cain doesn’t endorse your favorite candidate. That having been said, Cain has no ties to Perry… or Santorum, or Bachmann, whom I believe are the most conservative candidates running.

    He also won’t endorse Romney for the same reason, as well as the fact that Mitt is a huge, flip-flopping, sack o’ shit RINO. Newt, on the other hand, is not nearly as Romney-esque as many conservatives seem to think he is. Sure, he’s done some stupid, questionable things in his long career, but having studied Gingrich and his reasoning behind those actions for years now, I have concluded that he has gotten a bum rap for at least some of the more high-profile mistakes and political miscalculations he’s made, and is still largely conservative in practice.

    In my humble opinion, Newt’s biggest negative is that he’s been afflicted from time to time with that dreaded disease known as ‘reach-across-the-aisle-itis’, so common among senior Republican legislators and Washington insiders.

    But let’s not forget Newt’s many strong points during this debate process, one being that he has actually reformed the federal government in a serious, long-term, conservative way – against tremendous odds I might add – as House Speaker during the Clinton administration. He also has deep connections within the beltway community, national news organizations and top-shelf conservative think-tanks, things that only a political novice would dare overlook during a presidential election cycle.

    Moreover, his education, professorial training, worldly experience, recall of historical facts and ability to place those facts in the context of practically any issue he addresses, as well as his unmatched debate skills, place him in a unique category among the GOP contenders.

    To put it bluntly, he is the only Republican in the race who could end Barack Obama’s chances for reelection with a single debate performance.

    He may have a boat-load of political “baggage”, but certainly not as much as Obama does, and Newt has had decades to think about how he’d answer his critics on a national level. He’s already shown how resilient he is in the face of such criticism, especially within his own party, a fact that can hardly be disputed when one considers that his poll numbers continue to rise in the face of it.

    At the end of the day, I find myself asking the following questions: which candidate has experience at the federal level, sound (and even unique) conservative ideas, can articulate those ideas with ease, good humor and self-confidence, is not afraid to go after the ineptitude and corruption of the Obama administration (as well as the press) and is considered to be highly intelligent and thoughtful by everyone in the political world?

    I leave you to consider them as well, my friend.

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