So, David Frum might be so upset if Romney or Huntsman is NOT the nominee………..

………that he might just pack his Pragmatic Politics bags, lined with REAL RINO skin so you know they are David Brooks approved, and leave the GOP? Well, I guess that leaves us no choice then. If nominating Perry, or some other candidate beneath the “intellect” of Frum means life in the GOP without Frum, then all I can say is, Let me get that door for you Mr. Frum!

In my column for the National Post, I explain why Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are the best contenders in the GOP presidential field:

I’m looking for two chief things in a candidate for 2012:

1) The temperament, judgment, deftness and largeness of spirit required in the presidential office; and

2) The creativity and intellect to respond to the global economic crisis – a crisis threatening to actually get worse if (or when) the euro implodes.

Those conditions obviously and categorically exclude the clownish Herman Cain, the daffy Ron Paul, the dim Rick Perry and the firebrand congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Frum, looks up from looking down his nose on better, and smarter people than him to also criticize Rick Santorum, and Newt as un-presidential. But, allow me to focus on his criticisms of Cain, Bachmann, and Perry here.

First of all, to refer to Herman Cain as a clown is simply childish and stupid. I stopped endorsing Cain because I feel his foreign policy creds are lacking. But, I am fully aware that Cain has accomplished too much in his life to ever be called clownish. Frankly, I can see Frum in big red shoes and a huge red nose a lot more easily than I can Cain.

Now Bachmann has lost some respect in my eyes for her attacks on Perry,  and her whining about her appearance on Jimmy Fallon, I mean come on, Congresswoman, suck it up. You ought to know by now how low the Left is. Playing the Sexism Card ought to be beneath you. But, again, I can respect her for having the guts to fight for, and stand by her principles. I am not so sure I can say that Frum is as gutsy, or principled.

Now, to the attack on Perry as “dim”. Really Mr. Frum? Dim? Have you seen the governors economic record? Have you looked at his plans to reform D.C.? Now, Mr. Frum might disagree with Perry on certain issues, that is fine. He might like Romney or Hunstman better, again, fine. But, to refer to Perry as “dim”?

Is this because he has an accent? Certainly stuffed shirt pricks like Frum are fairly quick to mock a Southern accent as not so smart. I would remind Mr. Frum that a good portion of our Founders were from,the South. Frum might recognize some of their names Madison, Mason, Jefferson, Lee, Washington, Henry among others.

Maybe Frum has just convinced himself that any candidate that is “too Conservative” simply cannot win. Or perhaps Frum is just not really any type of Conservative? Consider his praise for Romneycare

I still think that his Massachusetts health-care plan showed creative leadership on an important problem — even if he himself now declines to defend his own accomplishment.

Yes, that explains a lot! But surely Romney’s issue with changing positions will give Frum pause

Yet it’s also true that Romney has reversed so many of his positions so abruptly that voting for him is like taking a random walk. We can be sure that a Romney White House will be well-run. But what will it do? That’s anybody’s guess.

Is he serious? He says no one has a clue what a Romney White House would do, but we HAVE to nominate Romney? Talk about a dim bulb? What of Hunstman? Why does the all-knowing Frum support the former governor of Utah?

Huntsman, by contrast, has bravely challenged the Republican party’s strident, uncompromising radical style. I also like Huntsman’s willingness to re-examine the Afghanistan commitment and to focus more on the economic challenge from China. On the other hand, Huntsman’s economic platform is pure Wall Street Journal editorial page: Big tax cuts for the highest-income earners, radical cuts in retirement benefits for people now under 55. The more supple Romney has carefully avoided any such radical commitment.

The Washington, D.C., primary is set for April 3. I’ll probably cast a vote that day for Huntsman, if only to show support for a brave and independent-minded candidate — and in hope that a strong Huntsman showing will be interpreted as a call for a more modern and inclusive Republican party.

O.K. Hunstman is a “BIG-TENT” guy, and Frum wants the party to be more modern, you know smarter, you know, like Frum. Oddly, Frum sounds a whole lot like Meghan McCain here. sure he uses bigger words, but in essence he is Meghan in  a business suit. He really can not offer any substantial reason why he frowns on Perry, Bachmann, or Cain, or even why he is so enamoured with Hunstman lr Romney. But, by golly, we stupid rubes better all line up and listen to Frum, or he might take his pragmatism and go home!

Any other nominee would gravely test my commitment to the political party I’ve supported since I entered the United States as a college student in the fall of 1978.

Tell you what David, in my view, the vest thing you can do is to not let the door hit you on the way out!

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