Excuse me, but didn’t you used to be Charles Johnson?

Ah, Charles Johnson, of Little Green Football fame, or lack of fame these days it seems. He used to be a big time blogger, one of the elites of blogging I suppose you might say. But then, well, he decided he should hate Christians, Southerners, Conservatives, anyone who did not completely agree with his narrow-minded view of the world. And POOF! Just like that he ceased to be relevant, except to himself of course. Stacy McCain, who is SILL relevant, has more

The terminal stage of narcissistic personality order:

Happy Thanksgiving to all LGF readers.
On this day, I’d like to thank 2007 me, who woke up and realized that the “counter-jihad” bloggers were in truth a bunch of bigots and fascists. And I’d also like to thank the 2009 me, who realized that the Republican Party was dangerously off the rails, and publicly jumped off their runaway right wing train. . .

It is sad that Johnson got so full of himself, that, well, he destroyed himself. As Stacy concludes……

……..for those readers whose reaction to such news is, “Oh, you mean Little Green Footballs is still online?”

If you didn’t discover the blogosphere until after 2007, of course, your reaction is probably, “Charles Who?”

He used to be somebody important, believe it or not.

5 thoughts on “Excuse me, but didn’t you used to be Charles Johnson?”

  1. I’ve seen this happen to lots of “high end” bloggers. Like entertainers and politicians they start to believe the hype. Humility is a subject they should study more often.

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