Leftism summed up in 30 seconds or less

RS McCain has the video, and I think the clip illustrates everything that is wrong with the useful idiots that allow their minds to be seduced by the empty promises of Marxism. Here is the transcript. Note the hyper-emotionalism, the lack of common sense, the complete lack of appreciation for Western values that allows this moron to speak freely, and the addiction to the notion that these miscreants are ” building a new world”.

“I spent the last three weeks building this library into a place where people could come together, where they can just share ideas, where they can meet each other, and where they can just be in peace together. And now it’s all being torn apart for no good reason. We’re not hurting anybody here. We’re not hurting any one. We just want to be here and meet each other and learn together. We just want to try and build a new world.”

I suppose this walking brain donor never thought that he and his hippie friends, CAN do all those things without living in tents, and while actually practicing hygiene as well. But, I suspect this overgrown child only cares about being the center of attention. It is all about him. Leftism is ultimately all about selfish people who wish to mooch off the successes of others.

What this hippie, like all Leftists, really needs, is a kick in the ass.

2 thoughts on “Leftism summed up in 30 seconds or less”

  1. OWS is evil, but this librarian here seems to have pure intentions. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this emotional bookworm not OWS, but a librarian hoping to educate people?

    He’s referring to himself: HE is innocent, HE is peaceful. This same rhetoric could come FROM the GOP and be directed TO the OWS who slander and spit upon them.

  2. If they want to build a new world send them to Mars. The property they’re trying to settle has already been bought and paid for by someone else.

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