Idiots Busted For Cocaine Possession After Calling 911 67 Times For No Apparent Reason

Idiots Busted For Cocaine Possession After Calling 911 67 Times For No Apparent Reason – Weekly Vice

Bonnie Martinez, 36, and Clarence McDonald, 37, were jailed Tuesday after calling 911 67 times in a two-hour period for no apparent reason. Deputies pulled them over a short time later and made an arrest on cocaine charges.


According to the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office, Bonnie Martinez was driving a vehicle with McDonald as her passenger when McDonald called 911 and told the emergency dispatcher that he was being chased and shot at.

Investigators say McDonald was vague about his location and then hung up within a matter of seconds. He then proceeded to call 911 another 66 times – and in each instance hung up on operators within 30 seconds. During one of the calls, McDonald gave a brief description of the car he was riding in.

In response, deputies launched several patrol cars and a Sheriffs Office Air Service helicopter to help track down the would-be victim.

Sheriff’s deputies finally spotted McDonald at around midnight and pulled the vehicle over. McDonald was not found to be in danger, and he didn’t provide a viable reason for his repeated calls.

Deputies did, however, find cocaine inside the vehicle, which belonged to Martinez.

McDonald was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on a charge of misuse of 911. Martinez was charged with cocaine possession.

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