Your Sunday reach-a round linkfest, the politics and babes edition-Updated all day so check back

Say Anything kicks things off with a much-needed look at Newt’s “Conservative” record

Dustbury has Ashleigh Ball

Sister Toldjhah calls BS on the OWS and Tea Party are the same So does Verum Serum

Big Government features photos of Michael Moore’s vacation mansion Gee, that whole evil Capitalism things seems to be working out for Moore after all.

William Jacobson: Boy, those stimulus funds really f’ed up our sidewalks!

John Lott:Team Obama giving new meaning to Friends With Benfits

That Robot Dude has an ugly site Obama’s numbers!

Wizbang: Some fat cats are better than others

Aleister is liking Gingrich

Weasel Zippers: John Bolton advising Rick Perry

Bob Belvedere’s Rule 5 done right!

The Eye features Summer Glau

The Feral Irishman hates alarm clocks, but MAN, look at those girls

The Full Metal Patriot likes girls with tats

Guns and Bikinis LOVES Girl Friday

OK, I see, Hookers AND Booze!

Jake Finnegan features Rachel McAdams, who is quite lovely

Maggie has the Top Ten hottest blondes

Pitsnipes shares my love of Asian women

Randy: Ecocrites!

RRR has Miss China

Proof Positive has a very dirty girl

Wyatt has the hots for Rosie? No, not THAT Rosie

The Last Tradition has Emily Scott

Chris: Obama screwed up Turkey Day too!

Hell on Earth provides us with a scorching redhead, Kimberly Phillips

The Lonely Conservative notes that the First Lady might be a tad out of touch with NASCAR fans

Trog keeps trying to motivate us

Death panels? Zion’s Trumpet has some bad news about those

Kurt wants a word with another Leftists professor

Adrienne is bragging

Duane offers up links and music

Robert: The worst book EVAH!

Donald Douglas: That Super Committee equals Super Suckage!

An Old Broad has some great links worth perusing

Dave C: The Rant of the Day!

The Backyard Conservative is still undecided

The Blogmocracy has a test for you

Gwen Stefani!

Cold Fury mourns the Constitution

Matt: Join the 99% or else?

Doug Powers: Oh of COURSE!

Gateway Pundit: Occupy Protester Busted With Handgun & Ammo in Rented Truck

Government Mess: Allen West!

Grandpa John finds the Missing Link

New to the Blogroll

Also new to the Blogroll

JWF Now THAT is a doll

Steve: Windmills suck!

William Teach: Blogless Sunday Pin up time!

Another addition to our Blogroll

POH Diaries: It has come to this?

Jill: Steyn on Penn State

Sentry Journal has LINKS!

How come Pat never invites me on these trips?

Mr G Guy? He is traveling too

The Classic Liberal combines politics AND a hot woman!

Smitty 1 noted RINO 0

Theo: Sunday Totty

Silverfiddle: SLACKERS!!

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