Nationalized child care? Nancy Pelosi is already thinking about that

The Nanny Statists like Pelosi would dearly LOVE for every kid to be raised by the government, the first step in such a plan? Nationalized day care!

Nancy Pelosi is hoping to regain her post as Speaker of the House and nationalize child care. I kid you not, she said that she’d like to do for child care what they did for health care. Apparently, she didn’t like being stuck at home with her children when they were little.

Last week, the California congresswoman hit five cities in five days, barnstorming for money to try to win the 25 more seats it would take to regain control. And if that happens — or when, according to her — at the top of her to-do list, she says, will be “doing for child care what we did for health-care reform” — pushing comprehensive change. …

Of the need for child-care legislation, she says, “I could never get a babysitter — have five kids in six years and no one wants to come to your house. . . . And everywhere I go, women say the same thing” about how hard it is to find the kind of reliable care that would make their family lives calmer and work lives more productive. When it comes to “unleashing women” in a way that would boost the economy, she says, “this is a missing link.”

Congress did pass such a bill, in 1971, but President Richard M. Nixon vetoed it because he thought it would undermine families and force them to put children in government-run centers.

Good grief, as if the government doesn’t already have undue influence over our children.

Government schools now teach our kids from age 5 thru 18, and you could make the 5-22 if every kid went to “free college”, a plan Democrats keep hinting at. What is next? Mandatory K-4, K-3, K-2, or how about the government just takes or baby at birth, you know, to achieve some common good? Can’t happen? You better think again

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