One of the great lies the Left spreads

Is that unless we relent to higher taxes, which vermin like Nancy Pelosi, call “increased revenue” teachers will all be fired, kids will starve, water and air will be polluted, and the poor will suffer! Not so fast says Lance Burri

according to Speaker Pelosi:

“…if you refuse … to take one red cent from the wealthiest people in our country and the price we have to pay is the diminished defense and the diminished strength of our country, I think that something is here.”

Say, Madame Speaker, if paying for national defense is suddenly in danger, how about we just stop subsidizing businesses with failing business models?

Or, y’know, we should just stop subsidizing businesses. Because identifying the ones with “failing business models” requires somebody in an office somewhere to make a subjective decision about those business models, and, well, y’know. Connections.

Note what Pelosi says if you refuse … to take one red cent from the wealthiest people in our country as of the wealthy pay nothing at all. Basically the left have nothing to offer America, nothing but class warfare, divisive language, lies, and the continued wasting of our tax dollars, and of course, the continuing spiral into Marxism.

Too bad we do not have Congressmen like Lance Burri, and fewer like Pelosi. Congressmen that realize that our tax dollars should never be thrown into failing companies because it might help Obama get re-elected. The fact is, if Pelosi were honest, she would have said “If Democrats are not willing to stop pissing away American’s tax dollars on far left ventures that always fail, then they are not fit to serve in government!”

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