This is the best GOP candidate?

Well, the self-appointed Czar of the GOP, Ann Coulter is infatuated with Mitt ” I still LOVE Romneycare” Romney

NRO’s Katrina Trinko reports:

“You have seen a lot of candidates look at their biggest vulnerability, call it a mistake, and ask for forgiveness,” Romney continued. “In my case that wouldn’t be honest.”

He affirmed that he believes the health-care program was the “right thing” for Massachusetts then, although he conceded that it hasn’t “worked perfectly.”

“If it hurts me politically, it’s a consequence of the truth,” Romney added. “I am not going to walk away from that. It’s right for states to come up with their own solutions. I doubt other people are going try and follow the one we put together. Maybe learn from our experience. Maybe come up with something better. But the wrong course is to have the federal government impose its will on the entire nation.”

So, it is right for a State to FORCE its citizens to buy a product,but not the nation? OK Mitt, if that is your take, I applaud you sticking with it. It is refreshing to see you STICKING to a position for a change. As for me, and most Conservatives, it is wrong for a state or the federal government to do it!

UPDATE! Hot Air has this from the man who, well, KNOWS about Romneycare

Well, Jonathan Gruber would know, wouldn’t he?  After all, he advised both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on health-care reform.  In an interview yesterday with Capital New York, Gruber vented his frustration with Romney, claiming that he’s lying about the differences between RomneyCare and ObamaCare:

He credited Mitt Romney for not totally disavowing the Massachusetts bill during his presidential campaign, but said Romney’s attempt to distinguish between Obama’s bill and his own is disingenuous.

“The problem is there is no way to say that,” Gruber said. “Because they’re the same [expletive] bill. He just can’t have his cake and eat it too. Basically, you know, it’s the same bill. He can try to draw distinctions and stuff, but he’s just lying. The only big difference is he didn’t have to pay for his. Because the federal government paid for it. Where at the federal level, we have to pay for it, so we have to raise taxes.”

Not that Gruber is much happier with Newt Gingrich, either.  He claims that Gingrich backed the same kind of system in the past, as did the Heritage Foundation, only to abandon it for political reasons:

Gruber said Republicans were actually less opposed to the mandate, which is going to be under scrutiny by the court, than they were to other provisions of the health care bill, given that the mandate was an essentially conservative idea that had currency with conservative intellectuals in the early 1990s. I asked about the difference between this plan and the kind that was espoused by former House speaker Newt Gingrich back then (and, briefly, in May of this year).

“Zero difference,” he said. “This is, to my mind, the most blatantly obvious case of politics trumping policy I’ve ever seen in my life. Because this is an idea, that four or five years ago, Republicans were touting. A guy from the Heritage Foundation spoke at the bill signing in Massachusetts about how good this bill was.”

Well, Mitt, at least you van say that Newt is as bad as you are on this.

Let me ask again, THIS is the best the GOP can do? I think not!

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