Unidentified sources you say?

So Stacy McCain reports that the Perry campaign is being blamed for what exactly? Are you kidding me?

A new book claims Newt Gingrich spent $1 million on jewelry to “buy off” his reluctant wife and stop her objecting to his running for president.

“Election 2012: The Battle Begins,” by reporters Tom Bevan and Carl Cannon, follows up on previous reports about Gingrich’s unpaid $500,000 charge account at Tiffany’s and his Greek cruise with his second wife, Callista.

Gingrich’s staff denied the latest account, which details the GOP hopeful’s extravagant spending while he professes to be a fiscal conservative.

Unidentified sources in the book are believed to be former Gingrich aides, many of whom now work for rival Rick Perry.

Well, then, it HAS to be true, I mean unidentified sources, might have revealed this. Unidentified sources  who might be former Gingrich campaign workers now working for the Perry camp, yep, that proves it! Maybe Mark Block can now tell us who these “sources” mothers are? And that their moms work for Politico? I mean surely that genius would not stoop to lying, I mean having his facts wrong about that now would he?

And what did these sources reveal? That Newt has no idea what the definition of fidelity is? Sorry, I think that was kind of well known before. That Newt bought expensive jewelery for his wife? EGADS what a terrible thing  to leak.

Newt is surging right now, and like every other candidate who has surged, the media, and the Left will attack him, and face it, Newt has a LOT of target rich things in his past.

One thought on “Unidentified sources you say?”

  1. It’s not how much you spend- it’s how much you can afford to spend.

    If you want to buy a $100K house on a $50K salary- that’s stupid.
    If you buy a $150K house on a $200K salary – that’s not extravagant.

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