Russian “Genius” Lived With 26 Corpses

Russian “Genius” Lived With 26 Corpses – KXAS

A Russian man who speaks 13 languages and lectured at museums had the corpses of 26 women in his small apartment.


Anatoly Moskvina, 45, had dug up many of the mummified bodies from graves and some were dressed up and arranged around his three-room apartment in western Russia, according to BNO News. The bodies were discovered after his parents came for an unexpected visit.

Russian media reported the bodies were females aged between 15 and 26 who died years ago.


Life News said Moskvina is a historian who would sneak into graveyards at night, dig up bodies and take them home in plastic bags. Back in his apartment, he dressed up the bodies as dolls wearing dresses and stockings.

Moskvina is believed to have slept in a coffin at one of the cemeteries while on other nights he slept on benches, BNO News reported.

Neighbors told the news outlet Moskvina is a genius with a vast knowledge of history.

It is not clear what charges he will face.

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