Enough already!

OK, as I said previously, I was waiting for all the info on the Herman Cain saga to be revealed. Well, I have seen, and heard, enough! I n fact, I have heard and seen FAR MORE than enough!

Enough bimbo eruptions, enough gold digging skanks, enough of publicity whore Gloria Allred, enough media saturation, enough of BS charges meant not to shine light on injustice, but to destroy the character and political chances of a good man!

There is, as far as I can tell NOTHING behind the charges against Cain, just as there is nothing behind the childish attempts to blame Rick Perry for “leaking” these charges. As I said, I think that Cain is a good man, too good, I would think than to try to destroy the good name of Perry with baseless accusations. Especially while Cain’s own reputation is being trashed!

And ENOUGH of stuff like THIS from Pam Gellar!

Rick Perry? Please. I questioned his very bad judgment when I exposed his entire Islamic curriculum, dawah and proselytizing, to Texas school children. To this day he has never come clean about that. And the fact that he was Al Gore’s manager does not bode well.

Perry is a snake. Watch him. He is creepy. And his freak show speech in New Hampshire recently belonged in a Roger Corman film.

Perry supports Israelas strongly as any other candidate, if not more and makes no bones about it! He would be a great friend to Israel, as his opposition to a Palestnian State suggests. If anyone doubts me, just Google or Bing Rick Perry Israel. See how many Leftists and pro-Palestine nuts are out there demonizing Perry for his stances!

Further, Perry is LOATHED by trial lawyers, abortion rights advocates, gun control zealots, and his Conservative economic policies speak for themselves. Perry is a good man, as is Cain, and if Gellar supports Cain for president, fine. I did too, until his failure to grasp too many foreign policy questions, and his unwarranted attacks on Perry made me go a different direction. What made me switch to Perry was, though, far more about his record, credentials, and policies!

I like Pam Gellar, and support a her efforts to oppose Sharia Law and radical Islam, she is, in many ways, a national hero, but, she is, I would say way off-base where Perry is concerned. And frankly, I will not allow a man I think a great deal of to be maligned unfairly. And to be sure there are some other takes on the school programs Gellar is so upset over and you can find  a good one here  

Now, can we get back to debating issues, and can the media stop trying to destroy anyone who might unseat Obama, PLEASE! By the way, an exit question, why is it that the media has been gloves off where Romney is concerned?

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