A long overdue reach-a-round post

I used to do these types of posts all the time, but, lately, I have been slacking off. So, it is well past time to thank those smart bloggers who link us, blogroll, us, follow us, and tolerate us!

Donald Douglas spent some time checking out some of the OWS types in his neck of the woods

Who knew Dave C was into Primus?

Doug Powers wonders about the “hands-on” nature of the OWS

Jim Hoft notes that the OWS in Denver is getting a bit violent

Bob Belvedere is a pervert!

Conservative Teacher: Wash, Rinse, but DO NOT REPEAT!

A Trainwreck in Maxwell has a Halloween poll. The poll question, starts like this Suck them, or lick them like they were designed to be.

Drew at Ace of Spades questions Cain’s latest campaign strategy, and the Cainbots

Adrienne loves flowers it seems

Duane Lester has an impressive link-a-round, featuring the team that edged my Rangers!

Robert: MORONS!

Alesister spots the Alinsky tactics at one OWS protest

Steve Dennis spots the same stealth gun regulation motives behind Fast and Furious

An Old Broad reports on another Halloween dust up, and comes down on the opposite side I would

Barking Moonbat: Ah, girls in sweaters

BlegrassPundit: Nancy Pelosi, STATIST!

Bring the Heat brings us Rachel Bilson

Conservative Hideout: Who loves 1980’s metal?

Daniel Greenfield exposes “Environmentalism”

Don Surber: Ah, that settled science again!

Jake Finnegan has his anti-Burka Babe

JWF: Mayor Nanny the gun grabber

Left Coast Rebel: Who knew Michael Dukakis had a twin named Mitt?

Liberal Guy: You know, that Bill Maher really is  a tool

Maggie rocks Rule 5

American Perspective: Trying to teach history to moonbats

Mind Numbed Robot: Damned Progressives

Steve: Your Halloween music fix

Paco: Dickhead Bloomberg!

William Teach: Halloween Pin Up links!

PJM is with me on Perry!

Proof Positive: Vintage hotness

Randy has another Tart!

RRR: Russian beauty~!

Say Anything: Collective Liberty?

Sentry Journal tees it up

Pat Austin: Fall Links!

Mike: Jennifer Lawrence teaches us……….

Stacy McCain celebrates way too early

The Right Scoop: Rick Perry interview

Theo: Cool pics!

Western Hero: Sharia Law in America?

Milton Wolf: Secede? PLEASE!

Chris: The war on Halloween

5 thoughts on “A long overdue reach-a-round post”

  1. thanks for the link love! I need to do the same one of these days, but between the homeschooled preschooler (who doesn’t watch tv!) and the insane number of volunteer hours of late, i’m lucky the blog is still up. ; )

    (and i’m glad to be with you on perry!)

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