The top 25 Conservative voices in America

These are my choices of the top 25 Conservative thinkers/writers/speakers/political leaders in this nation. They are not ranked in any certain order, and yes, I thought about including Ed and myself, but my humility, or maybe my common sense got the better of me. Please share your thoughts

Walter Williams

Thomas Sowell

Dennis Prager

John Stossell

Robert Stacy McCain/Smitty (The Other McCain blog)

Rush Limbaugh

Michelle Malkin

Rep. Paul Ryan

Rick Perry

Allen West

Herman Cain

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert

Andrew Klavan

Ed Morrissey (Hot Air)

Greg Gutfeld

Bob Belvedere (Camp of the Saints blog)

Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter

Sarah Palin

Andrew C. McCarthy

Andrew Breitbart

Ann Coulter

Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit blog)

Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish blog)

Mark Steyn

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