Bill Maher- Dirtbag

Donald Douglas has the latest from Bill Maher, who, rather than debating Michelle Malkin, uses the crude sexual insult the Left is so well versed in. Stacy McCain offers up the obvious question. Is anyone slimier than Bill Maher?

“If you just presented the Republicans with Obama’s resume and didn’t say who it was, they would erect statues to this guy. He killed bin Laden, he killed Gaddafi, he saved us from a depression. I mean all, just, just the killing alone, Michelle Malkin would name her vibrator ‘Obama.’”

Why do Leftists like Maher always go back to crude sexual references? For ratings? Because they think it is cool, or makes them relevant? Maybe it is just because they are nasty cretins with the mental maturity of a mentally challenged 12-year-old? as I have said before Leftism is an ideology for the immature, and Bill Maher is certainly that! Maybe it is an ideology for the sexually dysfunctional as well?


3 thoughts on “Bill Maher- Dirtbag”

  1. These are the people pushing queer rights. OF COURSE they see everything through the prisms of sex and fetishism. What else do you expect from people who think sodomy and fetus butchering are “rights” worth marching for?

  2. It’s the sign of a low intellect. Like any good actor, he knows how to sound intelligent, but scratch the surface and there’s nothing there.

    I think moronic pronouncement like this spring from a boiling hatred that is all too common on the left.

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