Who says that Republicans cannot be pathetic?

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It is tough for me to listen to some Republicans. Chiefly, it is hard to stomach the RINO wing of the party. You know, those Republicans that are deathly afraid, of being perceived as, well Conservative. then there are those Republicans that are, for the most part, Conservative, that still grate my last nerve. Which brings me to Rick Santorum.

Now, I must say, I tend to agree, on most issues with the former Senator. But, frankly, his whining, snotty attacks on two men who are, far better picks for president than himself have turned me off completely. Santorum has shown himself to be nothing but a politician who will say anything to get elected, including launching unfair attacks on other candidates.

Rick Perry, and Herman Cain have both been blasted  as not being Conservative enough by Santorum. Now, if Santorum disagrees with Perry on a border fence, fine, debate it out. But Santorum has repeatedly lied about Perry’s ideals on this issue. Santorum insists that Perry opposes a border fence. The fact is Perry wants femnces along the border where they can be policed. Again, if Santorum disagrees, then debate it. But the constant lying is despicable.

Likewise, Santorum recently attacked Perry, Cain, and other candidates for daring to saying that the definition of marriage ought to be left to the States. Santorum seems to believe that a constitutional amendment defining marriage is needed. OK, fine, but I fail to see how supporting state sovereignty, as Cain and Perry are on this issue is not “Conservative”.

Now comes news that Santorum is sounding like a crybaby over an SNL skit. Good grief!

Rick Santorum criticized a Saturday Night Live skit that poked fun at his anti-gay marriage views and trailing poll numbers as “bullying” in an interview this weekend.

SNL, in a send-up of last week’s Bloomberg/Washington Post debate that set candidate’s seating order based on poll numbers, said seating for the skit was based “on the likelihood of the candidate winning the nomination.” 

Actors playing contenders Herman Cain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney were seated at the table, while Texas Gov. Rick Perry was placed in the corner of the set, Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) was banished to a parking garage, former Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) were put a broom closet, and Santorum in “a crowded gay bar in the Castro district of San Francisco.”

Although Santorum, played by Andy Samberg, had only a limited roll in the sketch, he was portrayed as upset and uncomfortable.

New Hampshire radio station WGIR asked Santorum on Sunday about the sketch — the former Pennsylvania senator said that while he hadn’t yet seen it, he had been “hammered” for his support of conservative principles.

“We’ve been hammered by the left for my standing up for the traditional family and I will continue to do so,” Santorum said. “The left, unfortunately, participates in bullying more than the right does. They say that they’re tolerant, and they’re anything but tolerant of people who disagree with them and support traditional values.”

Goodness, it is a parody, on a comedy show. Seriously, grow up Santorum, grow some balls at some point, and stop sounding like you have no sense of humor what so ever. I really look forward to the day that Mr. Whiny Pants drops out.

One thought on “Who says that Republicans cannot be pathetic?”

  1. Well … let’s see …
    1. “The fact is Perry wants femnces along the border where they can be policed. Again, if Santorum disagrees, then debate it. But the constant lying is despicable.”

    In the debate w/google, (I think it was), Santorum did ask Perry about the fencing issue and Perry said it could not be done. He has been in office long enough to make it happen … That is what Santorum said. Now, as to RS’s whininess? Well, I’d be pissed too if totally ignored by the media. His numbers are not terrible, yet he gets NO coverage and what little leaks through is unfairly inaccurate, IMHO.

    2. As for being the “Only Conservative” … Truly, he was Conservative before there was ever a TEA party or talk of conservative politics. He is both a fiscal conservative and a social conservative with voting records to back it up. Again, my observation is that he is, in fact, more conservative than either Perry or Cain.

    3. Santorum has been bashed left and right over his issue with gays for over a decade. YES, it is a sore spot because it is repeatedly erroneous! First, the whole thing with the gay soldier has been made into a huge thing and we do not know who actually boo’d and why? Both Santorum and the reporters said they did not hear the boo’s for the other misc noise, therefore no response was given. But to make that into a ‘doctrine’ for which Santorum supposedly stands is FALSE! He is NOT anti-gay … he is anti- ‘gay marriage’ – find another word, please! It is the use of the word “marriage” that is offensive, which I happen to agree with.

    4. If SNL is allowed to voice their opinion of the various candidates, do those candidates not have the same right to respond to the skits? As I recall, one Sarah Palin was not overly thrilled with her portrayal on the show.

    Bottom line is, although I do not believe Santorum will get the Republican nomination, the 8 years he served in the Senate, he accomplished many excellent things both for Pennsylvania and for the USA that indicate his effectiveness and ability to make changes and achieve positive goals in an unfriendly environment. The media has repeatedly distorted the truth of who he is and what he stands for, so that many who are less familiar with his record are quick to buy into the hype.

    Besides … I thought Obama was the one to be defeated? Let’s try to stick to issues rather than personalities, hm?

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