Man Jailed After Reporting His Collection Of Child Pornography Stolen

Man Jailed After Reporting His Collection Of Child Pornography Stolen – Weekly Vice

Kraig Stockard, a 54-year-old Delhi man was jailed after he allegedly called police and reported that his CD’s were stolen, which were later found to be full of child pornography.


According to the Merced County Sheriff’s Department, Stockard called police on September 12th and stated that two people had broken into his barn and stole several CD’s and other items.

The two suspects, a 19-year-old and another juvenile, thought that the discs were blank and asked a relative to burn some music for them. When the relative put a disc into the computer, they discovered that it contained child pornography.

Investigators say after the child porn was found, the thieves immediately called police and explained the situation. Detectives confiscated the CD’s, and discovered that more than 30 of them contained thousands of child porn photos and videos.

Detectives searched Stockard’s residence, confiscating three computers, three laptops and several external hard drives from the property. Stockard admitted to possessing the porn, which officials say he has been downloading since 2004.

Stockard was booked into jail and charged with possession of child pornography. He was released after posting $25,000 bond. The burglary suspects were not apprehended.

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