The Left’s RAAAAACISM raises its head again!

Via Robert we have video of Sheila Jackson Lee spouting exclusionary language

Did you hear that? Listen carefully, she didn’t say “We want those government dollars to go to those who do the best work. She didn’t say she wanted that money spent wisely. She didn’t say she wanted the most qualified of people working on important projects that would benefit our nation and her city… Nope. We gotta give it to black folks… We gotta buy American? Wait, what? She didn’t say “African-American” I guess it’s implied when she said small businesses… Well, that would make Republicans the champions of the blacks wouldn’t it? Sheila Jackass Lee, racist overlord of the hyphen…

I almost spit my food out when she accused right-wing bloggers of using divisive language! That is all Ms Jackson Lee ever does, is play racial politics!

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