80-Year-Old Woman Busted For Selling Crack

80-Year-Old Woman Busted For Selling Crack – The Examiner

An 80-year-old Alabama woman was arrested this week, on charges claiming that she is a crack dealer.

Prichard Police took Ola Mae Robinson into custody after a search warrant served on her house turned up “quite a bit of crack cocaine and pills.”


While we are not sure what a “quite a bit” is, it must be a lot to arrest an 80-year-old woman that uses a walker.

According to the report, Ola Mae was arrested in June for possession and distribution.

Police questioned Robinson over the drug they found in her house, and asked her if she knew how the drugs ended up in her home.

“Who? No! I don’t have time for no crack cocaine,” said Robinson. “Wish I was, ‘Cause then I’d have money.”

Chief Jimmie Gardner told Fox News 10 that there was a lot of traffic at the elderly woman’s house.

“The traffic there just never changed,” Gardner said. “Blacks and whites, males, females, even older individuals coming in and out, driving up for a very short periods and come back out.”

“Also, she’s been dealing in pills. She did have prescription drugs. She was selling Morphine. We have gotten Lortabs before, but yesterday we got Morphine,” said Gardner.

Previously Robinson was arrested after officers found cocaine stashed in a green tin “marked sugar free mints.”

She is being held in the Metro Jail.

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