Woman Crashes Car Into Man’s House… Again

Woman Crashes Car Into Man’s House… Again – MSLSD

Two women on a shopping trip were rushed to a hospital after their car crashed into a house late Tuesday afternoon.

Sky 4 flew over the crash scene on Schang Road in South Park, where a tow truck was seen pulling the car away from the side of the house.


Channel 4 Action News’ Ashlie Hardway reported that both victims were expected to recover. Police have not identified them.

Police told Hardway that the driver was turning around in a cul-de-sac, as she typically does, when she somehow lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road and over a wall into the house.

The passenger, Adrienne Mosi, said she and the driver, Nancy Wallace, have lunch together every week.

Wallace picks Mosi up and drops her off at her Schang Road home.

“We get back in the car, we go up the hill, she’s turning around and I wasn’t looking at what she was doing. I was looking to the side. All of a sudden I felt the car accelerate and I say, ‘Nancy!’ Then I saw the curtains in the bathroom of this house. I about died and so did she,” Mosi said.

Mike Stocke, who owns the house, told Hardway that the same woman has crashed a car into his home once before.

“First time it happened, my daughter’s car was parked right there,” Stocke said. “The same lady actually ran into the car and knocked it halfway off the wall.”

The crash damaged a bathroom, but Stocke has a second one that can be used, and he said he’s able to continue living in the house while repairs continue.

“I walked up and saw the car in my bathroom, basically,” Stocke said.

He added that he thinks it may be time for the woman to give up her driver’s license.

Officers said no one was inside and no water or gas lines were hit. Both women were taken to a hospital but are doing OK.

Police are still investigating and have not said whether any charges will be filed.

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2 thoughts on “Woman Crashes Car Into Man’s House… Again”

  1. oh my…once is an accident, but twice? does she maybe not like this guy? I’m sure he doesn’t like her much…maybe he needs to put up those big concrete pillars like they have in front of a lot of businesses now.

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