Rule 5 Round up

Taking some time today to thank those who are making the blogosphere a more beautiful place!

Bob Belvedere has a bevy of beauties

Donald Douglas has, well, a video treat

Barking Moonbat gives us the sexy Cheryl Cole

COED has some college football previews, and lots of cheerleaders!

Jamie has Hayden Fever!

The Feral Irishman loves football, and the women who love football

Hell on Earth has, oh my

Jake Finnegan does Rule 5 RIGHT!

Theo has the Totties

Zion’s Trumpet, has a very hot Jessica

Randy has Ashley Gellar

Reaganite Republican has Miss Universe

Dustbury has another hot Jessica

Proof Positive has the lovely Amanda Tapping

The Classic Liberal has tons of hot links

More updates later

William Teach has his always incredible Blogless Sunday Linkfet

Maggie has a great set of links too

Pat has BEER!

Happy 8th to Say Anthing!

If H2 thinks tat a cute Asian girl with big boobs will get me to link him… He is right!

That Mr. G Guy has something inappropriate! And darned funny too

Is Mila Kunis dumber? or Hotter? POH asks

Well, I guess this proves where Wyatt’s mind is at!

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