I know this guy

Well I have never met him, but, I have met a few guys like him. They are loud, abrasive, short-tempered, and almost always are all talk. Guys like this usually get their way, until they get in the face of the wrong person. Then they end up crying like a little girl with a broken nose, and missing some teeth. So, as you watch this asshat, just smile, because trust me, he will do this tough guy act to the wrong man one day.


5 thoughts on “I know this guy”

  1. I said this yesterday on Facebook when I saw this and I’ll say it here.

    The only reason why this guy was acting like Mr. Tuff Guy is because his union POS brothers were inside the office and if it came to a fight, they would have ran out the door and a brawl would have ensued.

    If he was alone, there is no way he would be all up in the camera man’s faces like he was.

    By the way, did you catch what he said when asked who he was? Fuck you Cocksucker.

    So is he Mr. Cocksucker then? 🙂

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