So, who is worse…………..

Is it the race pimps who say these vile disgusting things? Or is it the people who believe such asinine accusations?

Yes, I too am well past fed up with the likes of the trash in the CBC, there is no excuse for their vile behavior. They lie, and they damned well know the things they say are lies. they will say anything to hold on to their power, again, they deserve nothing but scorn.

But I am also getting damned tired of the fools who keep buying the garbage the CBC sells. Are they so addicted to feeling like a victim that they will just lap up anything the CBC spits out? Seriously, it is time that Black Americans stop tolerating such venom. The CBC is insulting you, my friends, as much or more than they are the Tea Party. They believe that Blacks are better off offended, and feeling like victims, than they are moving forward. The CBC is using you, wake up for goodness sake.

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